First Time Visitor

We welcome you in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We hope you will join us on Sunday morning! At 9:30 am, we gather to study the Word of God in Sunday School. Our Adult Sunday School Class is called the Fellowship Class and is truly that, a fellowship. Sunday School is followed by a time of worshipping together in the sanctuary at 11:00 am. Our worship time is used to praise God, share our prayers, and listen to God’s Word as it is proclaimed. Even if you have never been to a church, we hope you will find meaning and inspiration from the Holy Spirit in our worship service!

We look forward to having you join us for worship and fellowship.

As you enter the church, you will be greeted and welcomed as you are offered refreshments at our welcoming center. Here you will be given a bulletin to follow during our worship service and welcomed to enter into the sanctuary when ready. As service begins, an opening song will be played to start our worship and turn our focus to God. After this, the service is full of singing, passing the peace, a children's message, scripture reading, a sermon, and Holy Communion (on the first Sunday of the month). Service concludes with a closing song inviting us to be The Church as we go out into the world. Our blend of traditional and more contemporary service styles is intentional as we work to allow the Holy Spirit to move in a myriad of ways.


From the north, east, or west, come in on Highway 114. At the traffic light turn south and go about 6 blocks, we’re on the right

(540 S. Allen or FM 730 South).

If coming up 730 from Azle, we’re on the left shortly after coming into town.

Look for the fire station and you can't miss us, we sit directly across.