Water To Wine

This off-campus ministry meets at the local and gorgeous setting of TF Winery. 
Here we meet with fellow Christians of different churches and sometimes denominations and engage in relaxed theological conversation as we sip wine, eat cheese platters, and enjoy the tranquility of this amazing vineyard. It is a time of theological discussion to challenge ourselves, hear other perspectives, and grow in God's amazing grace together as we come to the table and talk. 

Currently, the class is using ASK: Faith Questions In A Skeptical Age, by Scott Jones.
This is a fun class, and it never fails to lead to some great conversations about faith. We would love for you to come, eat some cheese, sip some wine, tell us about your faith journey, and engage with us as we tackle those hard-to-talk-about faith questions. 

The class meets from 6-7:30 on the last Thursday of every month. 
Here is our Schedule:
11/21/2019 (6-7:30pm) - Science and Creation
1/2/2020 (6-7:30pm) - God I Can't Prove?
1/30/2020 (6-7:30pm) - Trust The Old Testament?
2/27/2020 (6-7:30pm) - Marriage, Sex, and Family Issues!
3/26/2020 (6-7:30pm) - A Real Resurrection?
4/23/2020  (6-7:30pm) - Disagreements and Denominations
5/28/2020 (6-7:30pm) - LGBTQ+ and The Church
6/25/2020 (6-7:30pm) - TBD
7/23/2020 (6-7:30pm) - TBD
8/27/2020 (6-7:30pm) - TBD
9/24/2020 (6-7:30pm) - TBD
10/22/2020 (6-7:30pm) - TBD
11/19/2020 (6-7:30pm) - TBD