Pastor's Classes

Rev. Chad Mogus is passionate about growth through biblical and theological education. Pastor Chad affirms that good, rigorous, and challenging, growth through education amongst fellow Christians is an excellent means for God's grace to flow in the lives of believers and brings us closer to living into our created image and our Christlike example. Pastor Chad has taught the following classes:
  • Searching for Grace, a Spiritual Journey¬†
  • Contemporary Theologies
  • Collaborate, Adult Confirmation
  • Theology Through The Hymns
  • Advent Across The Globe
  • The Heresies Of Old and New
  • Genesis and Revelation, A Wesleyan Take
  • The Redemption of Scrooge, and Advent Study
  • Credo, Adult Confirmation
Typically classes are 6-8 weeks long, focusing on a central subject or area of theological thought with breaks in between sessions. Because Rev. Chad serves a duel point charge, classes alternate locations between FUMC Boyd and local Rhome UMC. Upcoming courses include:
  • 3 Simple Rules, Wesleys Greatest Gift (11/7/19, 11/14/19, 11/21/19) @ Rhome UMC
  • How The Grinch Found Advent (12/5/19, 12/12/19, 12/19/19) @ Rhome UMC
  • Finding Grace, A Spiritual Journey (2/6/20-4/16/20) @ FUMC Boyd
  • Credo, Adult Confirmation (7/2/20 - 8/20/20)
  • Theology In Art (9/3/20, 11/5/20)
Pastor Chad is delighted for you to come and join one of his studies and challenge yourself to think, believe, and have faith, more profound than you do already. Bring your Bible as your scriptural foundation, a Wesleyan view of tradition, your brain for reasoning, and your heart full of experiences. Classes take place on Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm, join the fun!