Wednesday Night Activities
Come out and join us on Wednesday for Dinner, Bible Study and Activities.  We have something for children of all ages.
For children K - 6th Grade
6 - 7:30 P.M.

For Youth 7th - 12th Grades
6 - 8:00 P.M.

Hope to see you all there for a great night!

First United Methodist Church of Boyd, 540 S. Allen      (FM 730)

Everyone is Welcome!!

Mission of the Month: Wise Hope Shelter & Crisis Center
Every 2 minutes 48 seconds a woman, man, or child is the victim of domestic violence in the state of Texas. Places like Wise Hope is where the victims turn. The need for resources is substantial for these victims. The following is a list of needs:
Conditioner                Deodorant                Shaving Cream
Mouth Wash               Baby Shampoo          Baby Lotion
Diapers size 3,4,5      Kleenex                    Nail Clippers
Canned goods            Paper Towels            Toilet Paper
Kitchen Trash Bags     Foil                           Sleep Aid
Ziploc Bags                 All-purpose cleaner Laundry Soap
Hair Styling Products  Pillows                      All Spices
Dryer Sheets               Bleach                       Pain Reliever
Allergy Medicine         Cold Medicine           Cough Drops
Light Bulbs                  Brown Lunch Bags     Bras: all sizes 
Women's Socks                     Panties: ladies size 5,6,7
Dishwashing Detergent        Plastic/mesh Hampers             T-shirts/Sweat Pants

Join us this Sunday, for study, conversation, fun, fellowship, and worship.
Sunday School
9:45 am
Sunday Worship
11:00 am
February 22, 2015
Luke 13 (Adult Sunday School)
John 17:6-23

Confirmation Sermon
The Next Chapter

This Sunday we confirm 4 youth who enter into discipleship as professing members of the church. As disciples, we understand our statement of faith is the next chapter in our journey, rather than the end, of salvation from sin and death. We will seek to understand what this means in light of Jesus' Ascension.

 Our mission is:
 "to make disciples of Jesus Christ by connecting to God and each other."
We hope you will be our guest and worship with us this week.
 A seat is reserved for you.